Monday, January 16, 2006

Wo Bian Le

I have changed.
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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tiring fun

Only slept at 3+ after doing feature 2. Needless to say, I was exhausted even before going to school. On the other hand, I have my new handphone, the wonderful Nokia 6230i! Finally, a dictionary that has actual English words.

The Pitch 05/06 was quite well done. The speakers were quite interesting and the food was great. It was a tad long though and by the end of it I think many people had trouble keeping their attention on.

Parents seminar was quite an eye-opener.

Dinner with Arman, Yihan and Zat at Marina and phototaking at Esplanade was fun.

It was weird how Arman, Yihan and myself all took turns to feel nauseous. Plus, there were Arman's and Zat's "physical ailments" hahaha.

It's quite cool to hear that some of my bestest friends have, in this last week, gone through some self enlightenment and rationalising about general philosophies in life as well as more specific matters, just the same as me.

Tired now. Going to zzz.


ps. A lethal combination of killer diet plus late nights has caused my skin to become the ugliest it has been in months. Time for detox!
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Had a good day

Today was a good day, filled with little pleasant surprises. I can only pray this streak lasts.

The weather is really...wet. It has been raining non stop (as I'm sure you S'porean readers of mine would know [like I have overseas readers]). While it really is a hindrance when I'm outside and attempting to travel around, it really is very calming with the rain sounds and strong breeze when I'm sitting in my room with my dim, yellow light, listening to soothing music. Very very therapeutic.

Today was a good day.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Rainy Sunday afternoon

Note to self: when in possession of a foldable umbrella, might be a good idea to bring it out in rainy weather rather than stash it in the cupboard.

Just watched last week's episode of Campus Superstar. I have to say it was rather disappointing but hope it'll get better as the weeks pass. In this episode, at least, the guys were quite a fair bit stronger than the girls. Alas, both the girl and guy that I placed at 4th out of their respective five were eliminated. It's sad cause I quite preferred them over those I placed at 5th. Well at least my favourites are still in there.

Lalala. have a good day y'all!

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Friday, January 06, 2006


Finally handed in feature 2 outline today, marking the end of one of the most exhausting weeks in my poly life so far.

It's great to finally be able to have some fun without worrying about some kind of school work.

I'm so tired now but I'm at that not-willing-to-sleep-because-I-have-no-homework-stage.

It's quite irritating. The past few days my body has been really tired (my eyes, especially, are always heavy) but somehow when I get into bed my mind just can't seem to get to rest. And it's not like I'm brooding over much (more than usual). I just somehow can't get to sleep. I hope it doesn't continue tonight.


ps. Today me, Arman and Jean wore very similar clothes!
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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random thoughts of a tired mind

-The more I listen to Carrie Underwood, the more I'm falling hopelessly in love with her. "I Ain't In Checotah Anymore" and "Jesus, Take the Wheel" are two of the best country songs I've heard in years.
-I hate assignments where success is dependent on other people. Getting interviewees for feature is more difficult than writing itself.
-I hate the way that assignments lately have changed my character for the worse. I'm needy, dependent, whiny and lack integrity. Well, more than usual. I hate myself sometimes.
-Within four days, I've broken about 10000 of my resolutions. This is not good.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Of heavy lids and soggy fries

The little speech that Mr. Desmond Kon made today was awe-inspiring. The amount of intellect and thought that he oozes with each (sometimes rather random) word he says is staggering. I'm very impressed with the way he thinks and the way he manages to bring in so much of his academic context and apply to something that is applicable to us. Of course, this is not to mention the fact that he spent 20 minutes effectively chastising us without anybody the wiser about it. He is the type of academic I aim to be in the future. His tirade today, although alienating to some, was a motivational experience that drove me to aim for greater heights.

Handed in PR today. I wouldn't call it perfect but I'm quite proud of it looking at the amount of time we had to work with it. Now, if only we could better that success for our comiss essay and presentation. in a few minutes, I am going to resume on my part of the essay. Looks like sleep is going to be scant and truncated today. I'll probably work on the essay till 3am before heading off to a nap and then waking up at 7am to read through and print everything.

I'm really worried about feature writing. Up till now I still can't even confirm a single one of my interviewees. What am I to do?

Looking at the schedule for the next two days, I think I'm going to be working my (J.Lo sized) butts off. Boy am I going to be a when Friday is over.

Oh yeah, it's been only two days since the start of the new year and I've already strayed from some of my resolutions. Nontheless, I will presevere on! I do find that, with a set of resolutions and guidelines to follow as well as a mysteriously renewed vigour for my faith, I am finding it easier to push and apply myself a bit more.

Good night and wish me luck for all my assignments!

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year, A New Beginning

So, 2006 has started.

Armed with a new bag, new shoes, new clothes, new accessory, new hair colour, (soon-to-be) new phone and new blog skin, I'm ready to charge into the new year with a bang.

For the first time in goodness-knows-how-many-years, I'm going to set myself some resolutions that I'll try my best to follow.

Gabriel's 2006 Resolutions: I resolve to...
1. Strengthen my relationship with God
2. Live life in the image of Christ
3. Not miss a single church service
4. Respect my parents
5. Help out with the household in any way I can
6. Be more sensible and mature
7. Be more considerate and helpful
8. Stop procrastinating and being lazy
9. Be more in control of my emotions
10. Drastically reduce my rate of lies
11. Put in utmost effort for every assignment
12. Prioritise work over play
13. Stay on the Director's List
14. Stop spending recklessly
15. Practice sound financial planning
16. Save at least S$1100
17. Be content with what I have and not hanker
18. Set to schedules that I set myself
19. Become less timid and self conscious
20. Get fit enough to obtain at least a silver for NAPFA
21. Learn how to play basic guitar
22. Be proficient in Mandarin, both written and spoken
23. Eat healthily
24. Read/watch the news at least four times a week
25. Pick up a new skill

Have a great 2006 y'all! Happy New Year!

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Saturday, December 31, 2005
2005 in retrospect

So, it's the end of 2005 and, just like a sheep who is majorly conforming, here I am with my little own look back at the year.

This year has been the best in recent times, especially after the major trainwreck that was 2002 and the mildly disastrous 2003 and 2004. In fact, this has been my best year since secondary 2.

Not only did I make quite a number of amazing friends, I also had a rather smooth ride. What's more, my grades are finally improving to some semblance of what I had in lower sec. Here are some of the things that made up 2005 for me.

The good:
- Meeting new people and making new friends. I got to know my t106 classmates better, I got to know my t203 classmates at all, I got to know Arman and Yihan. 'Nuff said.
- Getting on the Director's List.
- Finally getting a book prize, even if it's just for an IS module.
- Finally scoring some As and ADs.
- The New York trip. Great people, amazing locales, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
- Getting my stories published in SNAG and Lime.
- Moving to Guilin View, with the beautiful view and facilities.
- Finally going to church regularly.

The bad:
- Leaving Jurong, my home of 14 years.
- Two words: Newspaper project.

The cheesy
- Gabriel's World of Quirks (now in syndication across 10,000 TV prod classes)
- The Thirteenth Hour (hour...hour...hour...)

Like I said, one of the best things in 2005 were the people. Here are some of those I want to take the chance to give thanks to. In no particular order (except the first two):

Thanks to God up above, for creating the world and saving us from our sins.

Thanks to the parents, for creating me and providing for me.

Thanks to Seance (Adelene, Wailreng, Kim, Yufen), for giving me so many great years of memories, for still staying in contact and for being such great fun.

Thanks to Yihan, for always being there for me and being the bestest pal one could be.

Thanks to Arman and Jean, for being the most kinky people in the world (other than me, of course).

Thanks to Khai, for being my first and longest lasting friend in mass comm.

Thanks to Agnes, for being the funniest person I have ever met.

Thanks to Rhonda, for being the ditziest affair I have ever had.

Thanks to Kat, Avonda and Sarima, for still remembering me after we left t101.

Thanks to Debbie, Grace and Darren, for being the most tolerant, fun and smartest teammates one could ask for.

Thanks to Aaron, for being my church/shopping/walking around buddy every Sunday (and sometimes other days).

Thanks to Weijian and Shin, for being the coolest people in Jurong.

Thanks to Robyn and Yisze, for brightening up even the most mundane of lectures.

Thanks to my classmates of t203, for making each lesson fun and special.

Thanks to the NY journ team, for leaving me with the best school trip memories ever.

Thanks to all those who have been there when I needed people to be there.

Thanks to you, my dear reader, for visiting this piece of literary diarrhoea on the internet.

As the last few hours of 2005 are being spent, I hope you've all had a good year and here's wishing you a 2006 filled with fun, happiness and good health. Cheers!


ps. Sorry man, would have loved to do a collage of the most memorable photos of the year. Alas, assignments are really a time-killer.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm proud of myself.

I actually chose not to go out for a night of fun with good friends tonight because
a. I've spent too much this week
b. I have work to do
c. I've been out too much this week

Now, I'll be even prouder of myself if I can actually finish the multitude of tasks that I have set in front of me.


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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
had a good day

Feature writing 1 was handed in today. Here's hoping that feature 2 will be better.

I suffered a cut on my index finger and it's totally hindering my typing.

After 18 years of being black, my hair has finally changed colour, albeit subtly.

The Country Music Awards 2005 show was great. I reallly like country music. I've always felt it's been in a class of it's own. Intelligent (and sometimes mature) lyrics, catchy choruses, beautiful melodies and classy, mature feeling performers who have no inclination to put image over music.


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Monday, December 26, 2005
last few days in retrospect

Ahh, the last few days have been good.

Friday morning started off with me and Yihan trekking to Orchard to arrange my interview. Although there was a slight hiccup, the problem was solved in the end. Woohoo!

We then spent the rest of the day walking around, trying to goad each other into revealing what we want for Christmas. In the end, we bought each other bags hahaha.

Oh yeah, I got to see Jiahan and Linus both in one day at Orchard hahaha.

After a wonderful day of just hanging out in Orchard, we took the MRT and I dropped off at Bedok to meet Megan for dinner. Grace arrived soon after and we left for Debbie's church to watch her musical.

What can I say? Debbie is a hilarious actress. The musical was quite well done, to me and the music was entertaining.

Saturday morning I took a bus to Ikea to meet Grace before heading on the Gillman Heights, where the rest of the class (actually about half of the class) was. We had a fun afternoon of several games (with many forfeits of which I had the most minimal of) and lots of food.

In the evening I went over to Kim's with Wai and Yufen to have a wonderful dinner cooked by Kim's mum and Kim herself (to a very small extent). After a night of hanging around in Kim's room watching videos, we popped over to Adelene's to say hi before Wai and myself went off.

Sunday was spent mostly at gramps, eating loads of food again and playing monopoly and badminton with my little cousins.

Mum gave me a bottle of perfume and some aftershave, which was hilarious cause earlier on Friday I had bought myself a brand new bottle of perfume. And then on Sunday my uncle gave me another bottle of perfume and some aftershave and similar products from Marks and Spencers. I can't bear to open their gifts. The boxes are so nicely packaged. My aunt also gave me a HUGE chain with a dogtag as well as a book which, alas, I had already read. Nontheless, I was thankful for their gifts.

Today has been very relaxed so far, which is good for my soul (or something like that) but not so good for my uncompleted assignments. Sigh.

Going to the other gramps later for some fried turkey-cousin (aka KFC) and other unhealthy food. Ciao!


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Thursday, December 22, 2005
marred by one

Journcamp was...interesting. I think I pretty much fouled up most of my sections to a certain extent, although they could have been worse. Chances of me getting a post are slim, especially after being informed of the new, much smaller structure of Trimedia. Oh well it's over so I guess it won't do much good if I keep brooding about it. I'm just happy I didn't commit too many huge errors (other than that whole subbing section).

Radio test was good. I think Ms Kwan's in a festive mood. Goody for me hahaha.

Chronicles of Narnia was nice. It was fast paced (not to mention a little scary) at the beginning and at the end, although the middle section was a tad draggy. The visuals were beautiful, the CGI amazing and the soundtrack simply alluring. The acting was not bad too. Too bad the characters were a tad 2D and didn't have much growth. I did manage to find quite a bit of the supposed religious undertones all by myself hahaha. Actually they are quite glaring. Oh well. It's a very nice movie. Go watch! 4 out of 5 stars.

The wind is blowing so strong now. I'm actually shivering as I'm typing this. Plus, it's been going on and on for the last hour non-stop. I wonder what's causing it?

If not for the fact that my interviewee is apparently out of country and that there's no way I can complete my interview by the Tuesday due date, I would be having a wonderful night. DARN IT.


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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
blessings in disguise

Today I experienced many blessings in disguise.

I went to Ms Chan all scared of approaching the subject of my feature outline but ended up with a clear direction of what to do and write.

We (me and Deb and Gra) ran out of laptop battery doing media kit folder in macdonalds so we relocated to Bugis library with its amazing atmosphere.

We couldn't print at the shop we wanted originally so we had to relocate to another shop, where I saw SOO KUI JIEN! (OMG FANBOY MOMENT!)

In the end we couldn't print at all but we learnt all our vital mistakes in designing so we have time to rectify them.

Had to bypass the fiction section at Popular but ended up at the game section and saw "Ultraman" the game!

8 Days doesn't seem to be on sale today but I found Lime (WITH MY NY CHEAPO STORY!!! AND A FREAKING UNGLAM PICTURE OF ME!!!) instead!



Tomorrow = doomsday.

Radio test and journcamp. I am so not ready.


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Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm really bad at sports. Everytime I enter some sports court it turns out to be Comedy Central Singapore edition. Today's embarassing tennis game was compounded by the fact that I only slept at 430am this morning because I was doing webD.

I realise I can't do without sleep. With less than six hours of sleep I feel uneasy and fatigued the entire of the next day.

WebD has been handed. Now all I need to worry about is Feature 1 (outline of doom returning tomorrow), journcamp + interview this Thursday, Radio test (also this Thursday), PR media kit, Comiss group essay and presentation, InE documentation and proceedings as well as Feature 2 Outline. The usual stuff lar.


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Sunday, December 18, 2005
revelation of the day

Technology (especially certain website designing softwares) hates me.

Pretty soon, I predict, the feeling's going to be mutual.


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Friday, December 16, 2005

I always tell people that things I design are done in a minimalist style because I like it that way.

Truth is, I'm just not creative nor adept enough to come up with more complicated designs.

Web D makes me depressed with the sheer amount of stuff that I don't know how to do.


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long overdue

Well I've finally gotten down to blogging.

Our webd deadline got extended to Monday, which is good considering I have been in a terribly lazy mood these few days. Seriously, I have not done a single ounce of work at all in the last few days.

Here's a recap of the more significant events on the past week.


Well the turnout at the carnival was quite dismal, way below expectations. I guess we could still be considered a mild success, though, considering we at least broke even on that day itself (a feat many other groups didn't seem able to replicate) and we managed to sell off the rest of the cookies on lecture day.

It was a fun experience, albeit in an i'm-not-ever-going-to-do-that-again way.

We sold cookies...

we (me, Nicole, Darren and Yihan) got tattoos...

and Darren found his one true love...

After the entire thing ended, I went to Westmall with Nessi, Nurul and Yihan after a horrendous neoprint taking experience at Clementi (really good shots but the machine ran out of paper so it went crazy with the printer).

We watched Chicken Little.

A lot of people told me, prior to me watching it, that it was quite a lousy movie. However, after watching it, I found I actually liked it quite a bit. The characters were endearing, the dialogue was witty, some scenes were hilariously dramatic (which made the movie feel even more lighthearted), the pop culture references tickled me (although the target demographic of the show probably wouldn't get them) and the soundtrack got me singing along (silently, of course). True, there were some dull or downright cheesy moments and the script did take a huge 180deg change halfway through the movie but I really enjoyed it. 3.8 stars out of 5.

After the movie I went to Sembawang Music and bought the Chicken Little OST, as well Carrie Underwood's album and the Bryan Adams compilation "Anthology", which I have been looking for for ages. I really like Carrie's album quite a lot. Seems the idols this year produced really good albums. I like Carrie's album (best country songs I've heard in a while), Bo's album, Melissa O Neil's (from CI3) album and I absolutely LOVE Shannon Noll's (AuI 1 runner up) album.

So we had an exhilarating and stitches inducing air hockey session in the arcade. I can confirm right now that it is the best sport for mass commers to destress from the heavy workload we are always struggling with. It's the most therapeutic thing in the world, not to mention huge loads of fun.


Went walking all around Orchard with Aaron. Then went back to Westmall and bought a new pair of Converse sneakers, totalling my count to three! I am a Converse boy man. They really should get me to endorse on my famous and popular blog. (Don't laugh at my self-delusion k. A boy has to dream right?).


Yihan came over and we watched 40 Year Old Virgin, which I rented from the Play! vending machine outside Westmall (great prices, incredible convenience, irritating registration).

I didn't really like the movie very much. I found the lines contrived, the acting unspectacular and the jokes far from funny. It's still a somewhat feel good movie though. 2 out of 5 stars.

After the movie and some milling around, we went to Guilin to take photos...

walked to the station, passing by the hills which are alive with the sound of Gabriel...

before heading to Jurong East, where I finally bought a decent (and CHEAP) pouch for my GBA-SP.

We then headed down to CCK to take the LRT for fun...

before reaching Ten-Mile Junction for a short walk before we had to split (Btw I would like to point out that LRT commuters seem to be very inconsiderate. Unlike the MRT commuters, who would mostly give way to alighting passengers, the LRT commuters just crowded themselves right in front of the door and blocked the entire exit. I felt sad for those who were trying to get out, until I encountered it myself, whereby I was infuriarated and wanted to smack some of them who looked especially nonchalant about their terrible inconsideration).

I then met Rhonda for a hearty dinner at the amazing, offers-a-whomping-selection-of-food, cheap and good....Westmall food court!

Tuesday, Wednesday

Had lessons and TOTALLY did not do any work at home. At all.


Radio lesson was scary. I totally fouled up my first radio practice for the test. Thankfully the second time went better. I really hope Monday's practice will help me further and I also hope that the machine won't fail on me during the test itself and not play the MD.

Yihan came over after school to do homework with me but I ended up not doing any at all. Grrrrrrrr.

Friday (that's today!)

PR test went a little better than I expected, although I'm still not expecting anything above a C, knowing how this sem is turning out.

Hung around in school after lesson and bugged the hell out of everyone in the atrium.

Y'know, I'm really scared for this sem. I am not doing well AT ALL. Feature Outline 1 is almost a definite F, especially from the way P Chan went on about common errors committed during tutorial on Wed. PR started out fun this sem but is now turning out to be quite a headache because I just can't seem to grasp the news release writing techniques. Comiss still remains a humongous question mark that nobody can decipher. Web D is...well...web D. 'Nuff said. And radio is so scary. So many things can go wrong in next week's test.

So many of my friends from the other cohort are amazed at how my cohort survived the last sem but seriously, I would take that semester over the one I'm having now ANY DAY. At least I more or less got most of the modules.

Trimedia interviews should be coming up soon and I'm terribly worried for that. There are only so few spaces available and I heard quite a lot of people signed up for it. Granted I am supposed to have some form of advantage because of the NY trip (although in what way I can't actually fathom) but that would make it even more embarrassing should I get rejected. Plus, one of the factors they will be looking at is newswriting grade (a C for me) and the feature writing assessed tutorial mark (a C+ for me). Not very encouraging marks, those.

It's ironic how I came into mass comm wanting to be a journalist, I still want to be a journalist (as of now) but my writing grades are the lowest, aggregated, amongst all my mass comm modules. I guess I'm just not cut out for writing, although I am not sure what I actually am cut out to do also. I'm pretty sure I don't want to do media management in uni (if I actually get there) but it's the only module which I have done adequately well in. BUMMER.

Oh well, it's off to finally do Web D I go. Chow! (And I salute you for reading up till here).


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Saturday, December 10, 2005

We finished. I can't believe we actually finished baking ahead of schedule. In fact, we exceeded our quota by a little.

Last night we took 2 hours to come up with a dismal figure of six small gingerbread men and one large one. Today we took 7 hours to come up with 190+ small gingerbread men and 12 large ones. That's a productivity increase of more than 1000%.

What's more, we didn't even have to stayover, a fact I thought so certain that I actually brought clothes and a toothbrush over.

Nicole's mum mixing up the dough + me kneading & moulding the dough into gingerbread people + catherine and nicole organising and decorating = a formidable force, apparently.

For the first time in my life I actually sat myself down to do a (what I considered) mundane and physically wearing task and I sat there for 7 straight hours (standing for the first two hours) just continuously kneading and moulding, with a combined total of 1/2 an hour's break in that entire time. I'm very proud of myself yeah.

Hopefully tomorrow goes fine and we make good sales.


In other news, I feel so stupid academically.

First thing this morning I took the comiss e-tutorial test and, because I totally misinterpreted the questions, I only got 1 out of 5 correct.

And then during PR workshop Ms. Ang gave us back the news release that she marked this morning. My paper looked like it got passed around in a kindergarden with pencil overload. I am so going to fail my news release.

And then, there's radio, which I'm so afraid for, not to mention the webD website which I have no idea how to coherently link all the techniques that Shan taught us into one website.

And then and then, this stupid mistake (stupid but big) that I made in feature outline 1 keeps bugging my mind. I have this feeling I'm going to get totally ripped (justifiably) by P Chan and fail the assignment.



In more groundbreaking news, I have discovered thinking logically (albeit slowly) can (sometimes) overcome an almost non-existent sense of direction. Woohoo for me!


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Friday, December 09, 2005
quote of the day (or rather, yesterday)

Nicole: No one told me when I signed up for mass comm that I would be kneading flour and baking cookies late into the night.

Amen, Nicole, amen.

How in the world to finish all those gingerbread men (and boys and girls) in time? AHHHHHHH!


ps. I'm NEVER, EVER going to be a chef. Might consider being a teacher since Grace said I was good at it hahaha.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005
hint hint

Warning: Shameless self-plug ahead.

When I was young(er), I used to want a different Power Rangers Megazord toy for every single Christmas (and I usually got it, spoilt brat that I was).

Now that I am 18 (at least physically), I fancy that my tastes have evolved slightly (although not that much).

Like Kelly and Belinda sing, here's My Grown Up Christmas List. (It's a link yeah. Click it and it brings you somewhere).



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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ok MSN messenger, as per usual practice, has decided to kick me out unceremoniously and without warning, this time just as I was transferring some files with Enoch.

Despite the fact that I still have internet connection and that troubleshooting on the programme turned up no errors, I just can't sign in.



eta: Yes! I'm back on!

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
dui bu qi

Today was, according to my terms, a good day.

Lessons were more interesting than usual somehow, PR pop quiz was quite ok, webD was a blast with Mr CKK showing us all his cheemified, too-intelligent-for-lowly-beings-like-me-to-grasp projects, "Grave of the Fireflies" was touching and disturbing, "Rivers of Zadaa" finallly arrived at San bookshop and I (more or less) sorted out my problem.


ps. I find it funny that the 2nd Malaysian Idol's album is in Chinese. And what is even funnier is that I like it quite a lot.


So the problem has been more or less sorted out. The air has been cleared.

Nontheless, I'm still very sorry, especially for the fact that sometimes I'm just a selfish, insensitive *&^#$)*(&#$.

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Monday, December 05, 2005

So the crazy week is over and I've submitted all my assignments for now. I've made mistakes on all of them. Heck, I might even fail some. I guess I'll have to say goodbye to the DL. Bye bye!

I was so sick last night and so tired. Today I'm better.

Here I wanna say thank you to Amy and Hafiz, my wonderful friends who handed up my assignments for me in school. Thanks peeps!

Hopefully I'll be well enough to go to Wai's BBQ later, even if it's just for a short while.

Recently something has been bogging me down. I guess the most irritating thing to me is that I just can't seem to come to a final decision. I hate it when I can't decide how I actually feel about something (be it event, person or even, say, a movie) but it's been happening more and more. It's so ridiculous and a very good show of my inherent inability to form an actual opinion that, for everything I do, I HAVE to seek opinions with others. For this one, though, it has to be my own decision, my own choice. And I hope that I make the right one. And that nobody gets hurt in the process. Hai.

Ok lar I should go enjoy myself a little bit now. Read some books, play some GBA-SP, surf some web. Enjoy myself while I still can.


ps. Arrested Development is the featured article on today!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
just to let you know

People always say that being in poly, mass comm especially, is all fun and slack. No stress, no sweat at all. Well let me give you a little taste of what we actually endure. Here's what I did today and my schedule for tomorrow. (Although this is not indicative of every single day in mass comm, it's happens often enough. Plus this is not even near the horrifying times nearing final project datelines).

Tuesday (today):
8.30am - Wake up and finetune radio script
9am - Shower and head to school
10am - Feature writing lecture
12nn - Discussion about magazine project
1.10pm - Lunch with classmates
1.35pm - Run to radio studio to book equipment (only to find that the uncle is not in)
2pm - PR lecture
2.58pm - Run back to radio studio to book again
3.08pm - Run back to lecture hall to avoid being late
3.12pm - WebD lecture
4pm - Comiss lecture
5.05pm - Go and photocopy notes for assignment
5.15pm - Head down to Clementi to prepare for interview
5.40pm - Walk around Clementi to survey sites for interview
6pm - Sit at mac to finetune interview and radio script some more
7pm - Interview with SPI guy
8.20pm - Quick dinner with Yihan at mac
8.40pm - Dad fetches me back home
9.05pm - Quick shower
9.20pm - Read through lecture notes for next day
10.10pm - Read through email and blog
10.30pm - Write questions for featwg interview
11pm - Read through more notes for next day
11.20pm - Read through comiss essay notes
11.45pm - Planned wash up and Bible reading
12.15am - Planned sleep time

Wednesday (tomorrow):
7am - Wash up and head to school
8am - WebD tutorial
11am - PR tutorial
12nn - Quick lunch and revise notes
1pm - Featwg
3pm - Quick break to revise notes and script
4pm - Comiss tutorial
6pm - Radio Production in radio studio
9pm - Head home
9.45pm - Planned wash up time
10pm - Settle radio paperwork
11.30pm - Continue on comiss essay
12.30am - Planned wash up and Bible reading
1am - Sleep

If you look at it you'll see that I spent (and will be spending) most of my time either in lessons or doing work, with almost zero break times. Even then, I'm already considered quite a slacker compared to some of my contemporaries.

Assignments due in the next few days:
Radio magazine - Thursday (25% of overall module score, I think)
Comiss Essay - Friday (20% of overall module score, I think)
Feature Writing Outline - Monday (25% of overall module score, confirm)

Because of radio assignment and the fact that my days end so late, I can only seriously start on comiss essay one day before the due date, which is seriously not enough considering I have no idea what the essay entails. Also, I have to squeeze in time to contact an interviewee for my featwg assignment and hope against hope that that person will be free for me to interview before Sunday. Couldn't start earlier cause we only managed to confirm our story ideas today.

Mass comm is easy and fun? Next time anyone says that to me I'm gonna jam my newly bought retro pencil up his or her nostril right through into the brain. That's if I've not already fainted from lack of sleep and a burnt brain.


ps. To make matters worse, IT'S RAINING LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS HERE!!!

gabriel typed at 11/29/2005 10:28:00 pm

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